V-Care Multispeciality Homeopathy

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V- Care multispecialy Homeopathy is a chain of Homeopathy clinics with many specialty services at various places in Kerala and Tamilnadu.

It is promoted by a group of enthusiastic homeopaths with vast experience in the field of homeopathy and concerned speciality.

 V- Care Multispeciality Homeopathy was started with an aim of providing efficient treatment and  create awareness about homeopathy. Within a short span of time V care has been able to create a wave in homeopathy and has won the hearts of our patient with our dedicated and relentless service.

We offer the best and affordable treatment for various ailments suitable for people from all walks of life under one roof.  

What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine based on certain laws of physics. It is the second largest system of healing in the world.  Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann found this system more than 200 years back.  The principle of homeopathy is based on nature’s law of cure. Homeopathy believes in rapid cure with single dose of medicine, which is more similar to the diseased individual. The selection of medicine in homeopathy is different from other major systems of medicine. A homeopathic physician should find the totality of symptoms of the individual for the selection of a suitable remedy. Homeopathy treats the patient not the disease. By correcting the patient’s altered functions to normal, this system effects cure, not palliation. A very detailed case taking including mental symptoms and dreams may be essential for collecting the totality.

How homeopathic medicines are prepared?

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from all sources like, animals, plants and minerals. The preparation of medicines is different from other systems. Homeopathic medicines are dynamically charged due to the process of dynamisation. Dynamisation is the process of increasing the power of medicine and reducing the toxic effect of the same. It is possible by vigorous shaking of medicine with suitable vehicle. The drug strength reduces in each process of dynamisation but the inert power of the substance increases. So it is harmless in children and pregnant women. It never produces any adverse effects.

Why homeopathy?

Major systems of medicine, treat the disease and it considers the part of the human body not the person. It has a particular approach instead of a general approach to a particular organ or disease. In fact the disease may subside or palliate. The concept of cure is different. We cannot expect a permanent cure in a particular approach. Only in general consideration of the patient with all the complaints and other changes including physical and mental planes leads to a permanent cure. In homeopathy the physician understands the totality of the symptoms and prescribe a single remedy for all his complaints. This single remedy in minimum dose ensures a rapid cure instead of a palliation without any other side effects or complications.

Concept of disease in homeopathy

The disease is caused due to the alteration in vital force. Vital force is an autocratic force, which is maintained by harmonious neural, hormonal and endocrinal functions. When this harmonious function alters, the disease sets in. Here homeopathy is significant to restore the normal functioning of the vital force. Homeopathic remedies helps to bring back vital force to its normal functioning and hence effect a cure.

What are the diseases that can be cured in homeopathy?

All the acute and chronic diseases can be cured in homeopathy as it treats the patient not the disease. A well selected remedy as per the principles of homeopathy is very much effective to restore the normal functioning of vital force and it makes the patient free from signs and symptoms of the disease.