V-Care Multispeciality Homeopathy

A Center for Complete Care

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                          Dr SAJIN M MD(Hom)

                    Head, Dept of  Skin, Allergy & Asthma

                     Dr. HARINDRANATH BHMS

                 Head, Dept of Ano-rectal diseases

   Dr. SUNEETH MATHEW BHMS, M.Phil(Clinical Psy)

                               D.Psych, FCECLD(Learning Disability)

Head, Psychosexual Medicine & Learning Disorders

                        Dr. SHANAB WASIM BHMS

                          Head. Dept of Trychology

                Dr. P DEEPENDRAN BHMS

               Head, Dept of Cosmetology

                                     Dr. SREEJA SAJIN BHMS

                                  Head, Dept of General medicine



                         Dept of Infertility, Coimbatore Unit



                                Dr MATHEW JOSEPH BHMS

                                    Dept of Life Style Diseases

V care Homeopathy was started in the year  2005 keeping  in mind the specialty concept in homeopathy which was new to the public in those days. V care has accomplished it’s  dream of becoming the number one specialty treatment in homeopathy, over the years.
We have the following branches at Balussery, Perambra, Mukkam and Koyilandi, which is being successfully catering to the needs of the patients.
We are specializing in the following areas.
1.     Skin, Allergy and Asthma
2.     Hair and Cosmetology
3.     Rheumatology
4.     Spine and nervous disorders
5.     Gastroenterology
6.     Psychiatry and sexology
7.     Learning disability, Mental retardation, Autism, ADHD
8.     Counseling /Pre marital, marital, family, parental, and individual.
9.     Ano rectal  diseases
10.   Endocrine disorders
11.   Gynecology and Infertility
12.   Life style disorders
V- Care academy is the brain child of team V – Care to improve the quality in treatment and care of patients opting for homeopathy and to promote and propagate homeopathy to people from all walks of life.
We provide training in the following fields.
For Doctors
1.     Regular CME programs with recognized certificates. Conducted by nationally and internationally reputed resource persons.  Our aim is to include doctors from all systems of medicines and to have a holistic approach towards treatment for the benefit of patients.
2.     In house training for junior doctors. We provide theory and practical training from acclaimed doctors in their respective fields. Doctors who enroll in this program will have the benefit of seeing maximum variety of cases from our OPDs.
3.     Recognized Post graduate Diploma courses. Our goal is to provide recognized courses and CMEs from national and international universities which will materialize in near future.

 Programs in fields other than homeopathy.

1. Personality development program: Personality development, spoken English, general knowledge
2. Finishing school for youth :  Personality development, spoken English, improving culinary skills and etiquette, counseling premarital, marital and family, skill development programs
3.  Yoga and Meditation.